Day Tickets

River Wharfe Day and Week Tickets

Visitors to and residents of Ilkley are allowed to fish the Association's River Wharfe preserves by day ticket and weekly tickets, Monday to Sunday inclusive. The stretch runs down both banks from the Old Packhorse bridge at the upstream end to the stepping stones (at Ben Rhydding) at the downstream end. 

You must also be in possession of an Environment Agency fishing rod licence (which you can purchase from any Post Office or via the Environment Agency website).

Tickets must be produced at the request of a Bailiff or a Senior Member.  Fishing is to cease immediately on failure to produce a ticket.

Visitors are allowed to fish between the hours of 8:00am and 10:00pm and no spinning is allowed.

Trout fishing for visitors (day tickets) is available from 25th March to 30th September and Grayling fishing is available from 16th June to 14th March.  No maggots to be used between 15th  March and 15th June.

A maximum of two Trout to be killed and these must be of no less than 10” in length and no more than 14”.  All Grayling must be returned to the water alive.  No keep nets to be used on the river.

Member's Lagoon and Roadside Lagoon

Day tickets are available to fish the Member's Lagoon and the Roadside Lagoon (to the east of Ben Rhydding) 8:00am to 10:00pm. Club rules apply.

Day / Weekly Ticket Prices and Outlets

Day Permit (£)

Week Permit (£)




Junior (under 16) and Invalidity



Senior citizen (65 and over)



 Permits are available, subject to terms and conditions, from the following outlets:-

Ilkley Visitor Information Centre (open from 10.00 am)

Station Road


LS29 8HB

Tel. 01943 602319


Ilkley Riverside Hotel (open from 7.30am)

Riverside Gardens

Bridge Lane


LS29 9EU

Tel: 01943 607338


Otley Angling & Country Sports Shop

36 Cross Green


LS21 1HD

Tel: 01943 462770

Ilkley and Angling Association