River Wharfe at Ilkley

Brief description of fishery:

A very scenic and characterful double bank stretch running downstream from the old packhorse bridge for about one mile

Large stocks of wild brown trout (to 4lb+) and grayling (to 2lbs).  Very good for fly fishing – wide enough for fly casting and lots of mostly easy wading, with a mixture of pools, glides and rapids.  Bait fishing allowed – worm and maggots.

Very low cost to fish for brown trout and grayling – via season membership and day permits (due to no re-stocking costs).Easy access to fish from multiple riverside car parking spots via well made paths.

Easily walkable from Ilkley train station and main bus depot.  Lots of facilities close to the river including public loos, cafes, pubs, restaurants, shops and accommodation.


New Brook Street, Ilkley, West Yorkshire LS29 8DQ

Access & Parking

At many locations along the Ilkley AA stretch it is possible to park for free within a very short distance of the river.  Note that from 8am-6pm every day of the week there is a parking charge if you park on or close to the main New Brook Street bridge over the river although you can get a free one hour ticket.  There is a free riverside car park adjacent to the Riverside Hotel (LS29 9EU).  There are a number of good places to park for free along the Denton Road on the north side of the river, including at the south east corner entrance to Middleton Woods and near to the old packhorse bridge.




  • Brown Trout
  • Chub
  • Eel
  • Grayling