Partner Waters

Partner Waters are waters that the IAA Members have access to either as a reciprocal exchange ticket arrangement with other Clubs (Knaresborough Piscatorials / Skipton AA / Wetherby AC) or a commercial arrangement (Washburn Reservoirs Yorkshire Water.

Knaresborough Piscatorials / Skipton AA / Wetherby AC

This scheme shares our resources and increases fishing opportunities for our respective members without any additional cost to our clubs or individual members.

Check the websites/Facebook of our partner clubs for details of their waters, access maps, fishing rules, etc.

There is no charge.  This is a mutual barter arrangement between IAA and our partner clubs.

Ilkley AA – Ticket exchange system – RULES  

 A system has been implemented which makes it easy for everybody to use.  No actual exchange fishing ticket needs to be collected but all IAA members who have booked to fish a partner club water must carry, and on request be ready to show, their IAA annual permit when fishing a partner club water. 

  1. The arrangement will run from 25th March 2023 for a period of one year, and annually thereafter subject to agreement from the club committees.  
  1. Each club will provide access for a maximum of two members of the other club on any one day.
  1. All Ilkley AA members wishing to fish a partner club water MUST first contact David Martin (IAA Secretary) by phone or preferably by email or text message to book a date/venue.  At the time of booking you must specify exactly which water of which club it is that you wish to fish. 
  1. On request to the IAA club Secretary partner club rules and appropriate access maps will be emailed (or posted) out to any member requesting to use the exchange system.  
  1. Only current, fully paid up members of the respective club may use the system (ie. no guests or day ticket holders) and when fishing they must show their current club membership card when requested to do so.
  1. IAA members must abide by all of the partner club rules and any venue-specific rules. In addition no fish may be taken when using the exchange system – strictly 100% catch and release of all species.
  1. The parent club is responsible for the actions of its members when using the exchange system and should deal with any wrong-doing in accordance with its own disciplinary rules. Any issues should be reported to the Secretary of the parent club.
  1. No fishing is allowed on dates and venues where matches are scheduled.  See the partner club website for published match dates.