A Fabulous Day Fishing
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A Fabulous Day Fishing

Three friends recently purchased day tickets to fish the River Wharfe in Ilkley – this is the report from Philip on their fabulous day…

“My name is Philip. Myself and two friends bought day tickets for 21st September and fished the river Wharfe at Ilkley. I just wanted to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I had one of my best days wild brown trout fishing ever. The sun was shining and the river was falling away after some rain a few days ago, which gave us great conditions.  I caught 6 fish in total, including one tiny trout. Two were maybe in the 10″ bracket, 2 were really nice fish and one was an absolute beauty. I don’t know weights or lengths as I prefer just to dehook and get them back in the water without getting them out of the net, but the big one was definitely the biggest wild brown trout I’ve ever caught. All fish were returned to the river to fight another day.

Thanks to your club for a wonderful day and for offering day tickets on your beautiful stretch of the river.”