Members’ Newsletter – Spring 2023
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Members’ Newsletter – Spring 2023

Spring Newsletter 2023

River Wharfe – Lots of rain through the last few weeks has left the river in an excellent condition for the
start of the trout fishing season. Some good trout have already been caught by members fly fishing nymphs
or by trotting worm baits. Usually insect life fully re-awakens after winter during the second half of April. By
the end of April there should be trout rising in all the usual places. I myself always think that May and June
bring the cream of the trout fishing season. The fish are fattening up after a lean time over winter and they
can usually be caught on either dry fly or trotted worm, the later being an especially useful tactic if the river
is falling and clearing after a spate. Remember that Environment Agency regulations mean that no
maggots can be used on the river until 16th June onwards. Note also that no spinning is allowed on the
river at any time in the year. The full set of club rules are available on our website at It is a condition of membership that you make
yourself familiar with these rules and stick to them at all times.

Ponds – Our two ponds have always been best in the summer. Our Members Lagoon has a shoal of large
bream that were first spotted this spring in late-March. This pond has recently received a re-stocking of
sixty small carp and these can also sometimes be seen swimming on the surface. Our predator protection
equipment, like blue ropes and underwater fish refuges, will be removed during April in order to make the
pond fully fishable.

Our new club website (at and membership system has now been in
operation for two months. Mostly everything seems to have gone well with our transition from the old to the
new. The majority of last year’s members have already successfully renewed via the new website using a
credit card or a debit card. Please will everyone else renew your membership as soon as
possible. Remember that if you prefer not to use the new website to re-join you can continue to do so the
old way by using a cheque, bank transfer or even cash. If you wish to join this way and you make a
payment please do let me know by either a text message or a telephone call to me on 07544 911441.
For those joining online we no longer send out membership cards. Please take a proof of membership with
you when you are fishing. When you join online you will be emailed a confirmation of membership and a
receipt for your payment, which can be held on your mobile phone or printed out. Note also that if you book
to fish one of our partner club waters (Knaresborough Piscatorials, Wetherby AC and Skipton AA) you must
carry with you a proof of your current Ilkley AA membership. And remember 100% catch & release.
Catches news – If you catch any good fish on any of our waters please send me details so that I can pass
them on to the rest of the membership via my newsletters and the website.

…..and if you have any further observations or ideas on how the club could provide a better service to its
members please do get in touch and let me know.

‘Tight lines’ Regards Dave

David Martin