Ilkley AA Trophies

Ilkley AA Trophies

Ilkley AA Competition Trophies
Ilkley AA used to run many coarse angling matches but now very few. Interest waned as the
majority of our members switched to being river trout and grayling anglers. However we do
still fish annually for two beautiful old trophies. By coincidence both the Barker Cup and the
Helliwell Trophy were first awarded in 1961. As you can see from the pictures they are both
beautiful silver trophies, donated by late members Mr H Barker and Mr Helliwell.
Maybe you might like to compete for one of both of these trophies.

The Barker Cup is fished for each autumn/early-winter in a small members only coarse
fishing match. For most of the last few years this match has taken place on the Members
Lagoon near Ben Rhydding although in 2023 it was fished for on our river stretch at Ilkley.
Our club President Steve Fairbourn won the match in 2023 with a catch of grayling. In fact
since he first won it in 1985 Steve has won it a total of eight times – more than any other
member. If you wish to fish for the Barker Cup please contact the club Secretary Dave
Martin and he will advise you of the date and venue of the match.

The Helliwell Trophy has always been awarded for the most meritorius in-season brown
trout or grayling caught from our river stretch. On our stretch of the Wharfe trout, by weight,
typically grow to about twice the size of grayling. Over the years trout have been recorded to
over 5lbs and grayling to just over 2lbs. Thus a two pound grayling is likely to beat a three
pound trout. The committee will decide the winner in late-March from the entries received.
In the 2022/23 season the Helliwell Trophy was won by member Jeremy Ince with a trout of
just over 3lbs. Jeremy has won the trophy a few times in the last decade. These days we
have club rules that rightly ban the killing of any grayling, of any size, and all trout of longer
than 35.5cm/14”. Thus in order to compete for the Helliwell Trophy members must weigh or
measure their fish and take a photograph of it (on a soft wet fish-friendly surface) next to a
rod/reel or in a wet landing net and email the photograph to the club Secretary Dave Martin.

The Helliwell Trophy

The Barker Cup